Dear Clients and Partners,

Three months ago, we shared with you our Business Continuity Plan. Many things have happened since, and we think is important to follow-up and share with you today: where we stand, what we achieved together and what we’ve learned.

Lesson n°1: Resilience is in our DNA

As software vendors and digital transformation experts, resilience is in our DNA. Here are some facts and figures to illustrate that this is more than just our word:

In early March, we re-organized ourselves within a short period of time, and throughout all our countries, to allow 250 people to work 100% remotely from home.

Thanks to our Business Continuity Plan, we succeeded in delivering the same level of excellence to all our clients all over the world, from home, maintaining the high security and robustness of the platform. We launched 25+ Go Lives with our clients all over the world, 100% remotely, delivering projects on time. One of them was for our Spanish customer Desigual, who said: “We were surprised by the high response we received from our suppliers. At a time of total uncertainty, we have seen that Desigual has been able to adapt to the circumstances and take a step forward in the digital transformation”.

In the meantime, our sales team was still on the move signing new deals with a selection process fully managed through web conferences. As digital transformation leaders, we are agile!

Lesson n°2: E-procurement and digital transformation are strong enablers to continue and accelerate our client’s business processes

Our platform has been heavily used by all our clients and their suppliers.

Despite an extensive slowdown of all industries in all regions and countries, the number of tickets managed by our Customer Care Team only decrease by 5% compared to  pre-Covid 19.

The stability and ease of use of the platform allowed business continuity for all Accelerate users, as our client Mondadori underlines: “During the lockdown period our use of Synertrade basically did not change, we went in total continuity. Thanks to Accelerate platform, we maintained the collaboration and operativity of the team and processes, even in these particular circumstances and in the need to keep the whole team safe by working remotely.”

We also saw new uses cases appeare in this crisis period extending the usage of Accelerate:

  • For example, our customer L’Occitane who managed to source and onboard a large number of new suppliers to produce Hydroalcoholic Gel instead of cosmetics to benefit hospitals.
  • Also, our customer Schneider Electric, accelerated its suppliers’ onboarding from strategic suppliers to tier 2/Tier 3 suppliers to reach 7500 worldwide onboarded suppliers
  • Finally, our customer Altran changed all the shipping addresses in our solution to provide their remote workers with IT materials directly to their home, instead of shipping them to their headquarters.

Lesson n°3: Despite this exceptional situation, Synertrade maintains its 2020 ambition

In the first quarter, we nearly reached our budget target worldwide and are on track for the second quarter! Despite this exceptional situation, we maintain our revenue goals for 2020.

We are deeply convinced that our clients and prospects will continue investing in their e-procurement digitization and transformation.

We also have been recognized by Spend Matters as one of the “50 providers to Know” for the fifth year in a row, for our end to end innovative procurement solution. And our clients ranked our S2C and P2P Solution among the best players in the world through Gartner Peer to Peer Reviews.

Lesson n°4: All industries have been drastically impacted by the crisis, but Digital Procurement organizations are accelerating their transformation

Spend analysis, savings tracking, compliance, supplier relationship management, supply chain, quality and risk management are, more than ever, very hot topics for our clients’ organizations.

Procurement organization are definitely a key partner for companies to re-start, re-build and prepare the future within a new ecosystem.

Lesson n°5: More than ever Synertrade humanizes technology

New ways of working, new energies have risen during the great lockdown. At Synertrade, more than ever, we put the Human at the heart of the digital transformation to build the future.

Clients and teams are our main asset: we are reopening our offices all over the world in order to keep this team spirit, which is the basis of our commitment and dedication to deliver excellence to our clients!

And now, we are ready to reinvent a new path for the Procurement world with you dear Clients and Partners!

Best Regards,
Eberhard Aust, CEO and Founder at Synertrade