The use of RPA in Synertrade software boosts project productivity, reducing the error rate and lowering costs by 40%

Madrid, July 08th, 2020.- Synertrade, a subsidiary of the Econocom Group and a world leader in digital procurement solutions, intensively applies robotic process automation (RPA) to repetitive tasks that bring little value to the business but remain essential to its operation. RPA can be a great ally in the efficient acceleration of Purchasing, boosting the productivity of projects, drastically reducing the error rate and lowering costs by up to 40%.

In this line, companies that incorporate this technology in the streamlining of their tasks have the necessary capabilities to adjust their work to exceptional situations, automating manual processes that are recurrent or repetitive and freeing up human resources to focus on other types of tasks, or providing on-site assistance, guaranteeing business continuity at all times, especially in unexpected situations such as the one we are currently experiencing.

Despite its undoubted advantages, there are still few companies that use automation in their purchasing processes. As stated in a report by the Hackett Group, with the help of RPA, jobs could be executed in 25% less time and at a cost 17% less than that which is currently achieved. Furthermore, according to the same report, those companies that deploy automation technologies will achieve a market advantage of up to 55% over their competitors.

In this sense, and according to Gartner’s predictions on RPA, in the next two years 85% of the organizations that make up the business fabric will have implemented robotic process projects.

This is also recognised in another study carried out by the specialist consultancy firm Deloitte, which indicates that 95% of RPA projects have increased the productivity of business processes, 81% have reduced their costs and 77% have improved their information management.

It is essential to highlight the implementation of RPA solutions in the business world, when adapting and facing both the present and the future of business operations
Jesús López-Holgueras Brotons, Country Manager at Synertrade Iberia (Econocom Group)

With RPA technology, companies can lay the foundation for their future by introducing high-performance, intelligent automation features that provide measurable and verifiable results in a short time,” adds Pilar Guerrero, Head of Sales at Synertrade Iberia (Econocom Group)

Synertrade, among its clients, already has success stories in the application of these new technologies and is working on different projects with companies whom are taking a step forward to activate all the business accelerators that can help them to be prepared in this new era.

With the implementation of the robotic automation of processes (RPA), Synertrade wants to continue being a reference in the digitalization of Purchasing Departments and to help both its current and future clients by making available the best tools to achieve the best results.