Did someone say BINGO?

Brenton Walton

Director of Sales Synertrade North America

2020 planning and the end of conference season is upon us. So, let’s play a game.

Digitalization? Transformation? Blockchain? RPA? Oh, so many cliché words that I too have found fallen victim of day in day out. As a Procurement sales leader for one of the largest global Source-to-Pay suites, I truly work with organizations to completely transform their purchasing departments and enhance current processes and workflows by implementing new technology. But do I really have to fall trap to generic jargon?

Last year I was presenting at a conference and I couldn’t help but make fun of myself and count how many times I had used some of these oh so common phrases when I prepared my presentation. How often do we see some of these key words on LinkedIn? And with that, I promised to make a presentation excluding all jargon (or at least as much as physically possible when I am directly involved in digital transformations).

As most organizations are in planning for 2020, and in budget meetings for putting technology on your 2020 roadmap, consider this for your next conference, conference call, vendor presentation, or, even better, your next meeting with me. How quickly can you get BINGO?

We are driven by trends. They come fast and go even faster. For my friends in procurement technology, practitioners, and analysts, we are all in this mission together. For every presentation you hear where companies have implemented and purchased all sorts of shiny new toys, there are a dozen more companies still working across email, spreadsheets, and SharePoint. While Synertrade helps procurement departments transform how we purchase by way of digitalization, let’s have a laugh at our expense.