Bridging The Digital Disconnect

Transforming Procurement's Role In The Digital Age

Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen examines the fact that although participants recognized the potential impact that digital reinvention would have on the growth of revenues and profits, only 2 percent report that the supply chain is part of their “forward-looking digital strategies.”

This White Paper will not only examine the reasons for this apparent disconnect but will also discuss the steps that must be taken to bridge the divide with the intention of working toward the collective realization of the digital promise within the global enterprise.

The title of this White Paper suggests more than just a disconnect between procurement and the role it plays in the global enterprise. It also suggests that there is a way to transform that role into a meaningful force that envisions procurement professionals in the driver’sseat of both theirs and their organizations’ digital success.

The real question is how to get to this point?

Unlike 2007, today’s procurement professional is more likely to be a University student with a high grade-point average and a ton of experience beyond the profession itself. Another major difference from the past is that the up and coming generation is choosing procurement as a career rather than simply falling into it because they were the last one to arrive at a meeting and were “volunteered” for the position by everyone who was there before them. In short, for today’s professional procurement was a choice, not an accident.