RPA at the service of your Procurement!

Artificial Intelligence, at the same time feared, admired, looked at closely and across purposes, offers tremendous opportunities for companies to revolutionize their organization, transform their approach to work and increase their performance.

But before companies can dive into the young and perfectible world of AI and be able to exploit its full potential at the level of business management, they will first have to answer many organizational, technical, legal, social and ethical questions. Few organizations today are able to meet such a challenge!

For most companies, it is therefore necessary to remain realistic and start by deploying “more pragmatic” technologies: those that produce rapid, measurable and tangible results and allow both a technological transition to AI and the necessary adaptation of mentalities in the face of a major change that is expected.

This is the promise of RPA: “Robotic Process automation”, which, thanks to the automation of procedures via bots, makes it possible to eliminate time-consuming and low value-added tasks, streamline operations and reduce costs.

Starting in RPA today is the first step towards the transformation promised by Artificial Intelligence and preparing the technological and human basis for the “Intelligent Process Automation” and “Predictive Procurement” of tomorrow!

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