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Measurement & transparency of supplier quality

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)

HPA introduces Synertrade's supplier management system and thus creates the best possible transparency regarding the quality of its service providers.

HAMBURG PORT AUTHORITY (HPA) intended to introduce a supplier management system in order to make services transparent, identify optimisation potential and weak points and promote the development of partnerships. The HPA wanted to identify and introduce a suitable supplier management system for this purpose.

The aim was to introduce active and HPA-specific supplier management into the HPA’s existing IT system landscape, which is geared towards the special features of the HPA as a public sector client. By introducing a supplier management system, the HPA is focusing in particular on presenting the services of its suppliers, the associated quality improvement and reduction of poor performance in a transparent way. Implementing supplier management should enable consistent development of suppliers, including a series of process and cost optimizations.

The transparency created by supplier management should also offer significant added value. Quality and service provision should be made clear to the Purchasing department and other organisational units and serve as a basis for strategic decisions.

At the beginning of 2020, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) introduced Synertrade’s supplier management system (Accelerate).

By using Synertrade Accelerate, we were able to create significant added value in the supplier management value chain.

Quality and service provision are now shown transparently to the purchasing department and other organisational units and help as a basis for strategic decisions. At the same time, the flow of information is increased. Supplier management therefore controls suppliers holistically. The results of the evaluations and performance are taken into account in future business relationships and are very helpful when it comes to selecting suppliers. not only does this support suppliers in a comprehensive way, but the active exchange also leads to a transfer of knowledge.

By actively transferring knowledge, we can build a long-term relationship with strategically important suppliers.