Accelerate: a unique applications based solution to build your custom Digital Procurement System

Are your Procurement processes different from your competitors’? Is your Procurement Department organized in a way that specifically suits your Company? That is why your Digital Procurement System should be unique!

SynerTrade Accelerate Software is a cloud-based platform that is 100% configurable to match your business requirements. Thanks to our patented CELL.FLEX TECHNOLOGY™, you can choose between over 30 applications and combine them to build a unique Digital Procurement system that perfectly fits your unique Procurement process and business.

Core Applications

The Accelerate Core Applications are the cornerstones on which you can build your Digital Procurement System. Model procurement organization, define workflows, and establish rules to run your business. These Core Applications will allow you to maintain key data repositories and business objects that will be used by all the other Accelerate Apps.

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Data Harmonization

Database Applications

Data Harmonization is vital when data is coming from multiple sources and there is an ever-growing quantity of data to manage. Interfaced with your legacy systems, connected to external data providers or even running in a stand-alone mode, the Accelerate Database Applications can help you build, enrich, and maintain the key databases and repositories that constitute the backbone of your Supplier and Procurement knowledge.

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Business Process Applications

The Accelerate Business Process Applications allow you to digitally manage the various Procurement processes that make a buyer’s journey. From strategic sourcing to the management of ordering, our applications improve collaboration and increase efficiency at each step of the Procurement cycle. The Accelerate Business Process Applications will change the way you work and help you drive the digital transformation in your procurement organization.

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Analysis & Reporting Applications

You will get the most benefit from your digital procurement management system if you can use the data properly to make the right decisions. That is why the Accelerate Software proposes a set of Reporting & Analytics Applications that help you have the most accurate insight in each part of your procurement organization. Based on a world-leading technology for data harmonization, processing, visualization and analysis, our applications offer all the power of a best-in-class purchasing intelligence solution to your procurement organization.

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Industry Specific Applications

Because the procurement department activities and needs are not the same, as dependent on your business, SynerTrade has developed a set of “Industry Specific Applications” that addresses the particular requirements for your procurement department. Whatever your business is, thanks to these applications, Accelerate can help your team manage specific processes and increase collaboration with other departments in your Company.

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Mobile Applications

SynerTrade’s Mobile Applications let you browse your Procurement data and interact with your colleagues and suppliers from any mobile device wherever, whenever. Carry SynerMobile’s procurement management system in your pocket and benefit from its main functionalities even on-the-go!

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