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Consolidation of purchasing process


Sodiaal, one of the largest dairy cooperatives in Europe, chose Synertrade to consolidate its purchasing management within the group.

Within the group and in each Business Unit, we now share the same segmentation, buyers speak a common language and can compare what is comparable.

Centralized information within a single portal

In 2009, Sodiaal began an in-depth review of its procurement reporting and performance measurement practices. The objective was to define how procurement costs could be categorized and calculated the same way within each BU’s purchasing department so as to have a clearer view of the Group as a whole. Once the new segmentation categories were defined, the updates were rolled out to the various information systems.
The purchasing organizations for the group and the Candia BU, who have the same information system, were the first to take advantage of the project. They decided to implement a solution that centralized all procurement-related information in a single portal that also included reporting functions.

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