Customers relying on our platform to orchestrate Source to Pay procurement process, enabling end to end collaboration.

Group model of purchasing processes.


Recordati, a pharma italian company, selected Synertrade and exported the group model of purchasing processes at global level.

The pharmaceutical sector finds the most successful treatment for e-procurement: the Recordati group is using Accelerate modules to standardize purchases and capitalize any assets generated during negotiations.

Digital Transformation is not just a matter of tools and platforms. It takes determined people to drive innovation, intercept business needs and demonstrate the benefits of digitization. It is also a challenge for people who play a key role in procurement and everything that is part of the procurement world. Raw materials, services, RFx, contracts, supplier profiles: the digitalization of processes allows the purchasing department to move on from the traditional stand-alone role and to achieve a status of proactive link in the streamlining process of the business, a component fully integrated into an information management system in which the data – stored, processed and reused – become part of the company’s assets.

The Recordati Group’s experience reflects this trend. The platform choice and the innovative approach of the people who have been called to deploy the solution in the company, allow Recordati to purchase faster, better, and with more reliability, creating the basis of a uniform and integrated model ready to be adopted in all the international branches of the group.

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